From Our Clients:

St. Patricks

“St. Patrick’s School and Parish have been very blessed to have Next Level Consulting to help us meet our technology needs. Next Level has given countless hours of time to put together and maintain a very sophisticated system at St. Patrick’s. There is nothing their team cannot do, and what is really awesome is how patiently they present the information to most of us non-techie people! Next Level consultants are highly proficient, technically oriented individuals who solve our issues and then take the time to explain, in a non-technical manner, what caused the problem. They also educate us on what we can do to prevent the problem in the future. Next Level is now preparing us for more future growth as it relates to server and PC needs. Next Level Consulting team is second to nobody when it comes to getting things done right with technology!”

Don R. -St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Elkhorn -



The Rejuvenation Center

“Jerry Bachman and his company, Next Level Consulting, Inc., continue to exceed our expectations. Since doing business with Next Level Consulting (over the past three years), Jerry has provided us with a solution to every computer system-related issue that we have faced. I would stack Jerry Bachman up against any computer consultant in the area. We feel extremely comfortable with Jerry and view him has an extension of our staff. He is fair and honest with his billable time and provides us with alternative solutions and the financial impact before moving forward. Our healthcare business is highly dependant upon our multiple servers, software and hardware. We cannot ever experience being down and Jerry has helped keep our business humming and profitable.”

Bob G. -The Rejuvenation Center -



Faulk Enterprises

“Our property management company is responsible for 10 Milt’s Mini Storage sites, as well as numerous office, retail, and warehouse facilities. Next Level Consulting has helped us develop a time-saving remote access capability to link us with our properties, to oversee everything from HVAC building monitoring and access/entry systems, to day-to-day communications and administration. We no longer have to be physically present at remote locations, to diagnose problems or direct progress. The ability to look over their shoulders has revolutionized our business. We truly can ‘work smarter, not harder’.”

Beth G. - Faulk Enterprises -



Louisville Care Community

“Louisville Care Center has been familiar with the expertise behind Next Level Consulting, Inc. for many years. As one of Next Level’s first clients, Louisville Care Center expanded its computer capabilities and continues to keep up with the computer needs of the long term care industry. Next Level Consulting has provided direct support in all facets, to update our current long term care facility, and has implemented systems for our brand new assisted living facility, as well. Next Level Consulting has maintained a professional relationship and continues to provide prompt service in an understandable, non-demeaning manner. Next Level should be your first choice when seeking IT solutions.”

Kari W. -Louisville Care Community -


Rydale Medical, Inc.

“Working with Next Level Consulting, Inc. and Jerry Bachman has been great. They are reasonably priced and always available when we need them. We were having multiple problems with our VPN and Networking and went through three other companies that all said they were certified, until we finally found Next Level Consulting. Jerry fixed all of our problems promptly the first time and makes recommendations that are appropriate for our company, not his wallet. After interviewing several companies, Next Level Consulting, Inc. is by far the most professional and knowledgeable company I have seen and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Tim G. -Rydale Medical, Inc. -

PC Support

- Software configuration
- Hardware configuration
- Virus & spyware remediation


Network Support

- Wireless, WAN & LAN
- Firewalls and routers
- From Cisco to Linksys



- Represent client in obtaining
- Hardware and Software
- No markup on any products!

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